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Marketing Manager
Relationship Manager
Area Sales Manager (2)
Senior Sales Execitives (3)
Accounts & Admin M/F (3)
Service Engineers For Diagnostic Equipments (2)
LAB Technicians - Male (3)
Sales Staff (3)
Peons (3)
Drivers (3)
PRO's (F)
Why Medihouse
Medihouse is a place where we're free to explore and are encouraged to voice new ideas. This is what distinguishes us from the rest and inspires us to Excel,Innovate and Lead.
We entertain people to enjoy freedom and think out of the box and use their imaginations and creativity to bring in the best in them which enhances their confidence and allow them to work in a relaxed atmosphere.

Success, at Medihouse, is self-driven. The Medihouse dictum is to "Aspire, Act and Achieve". Giving meaning to the words, are the people behind Medihouse. Aspiring to greater heights, Acting efficiently & responsibly and Achieving success

We believe in encouraging our employees to build individual successes. To constantly learn, on a personal level and a professional one, and then grow from knowledge to knowledge. To be swift in thinking and action, dedicated to progress and all the time, be enthusiastic about life. The people in the company drive the Success definition at Medihouse, and this is reflected in the unique mix of engineering and creative talent that forms the nucleus of the company.
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