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Bandages are the common items found in our first aid kit. However, are we aware of the different types of bandages. There are wide range of bandages available for various purposes including Elastic Bandage, Triangular Bandage, Plaster of Paris Bandage, Stretch Gauze Bandage, Cotton Gauze Pad, Eye Pads, Instant Sterile Dressing Pad, Gauze Swabs, Gauze Roller Bandage, Crepe Bandage, Splint Bandage, WOW (White open wove ) Bandage.

Here we will look at the main type of bandages and what they are used for.

Crepe Bandages

The crepe bandages provide natural compression. These bandages are mainly used for supporting sprained and strained muscles and joints. They are also used for dressing retention, keeping gauze, wound pads etc. Crepe bandages does not restrict circulation when tied tight.

Triangular Bandages

Triangular Bandages are non-sterile bandages generally used as a sling to support an injured limb. It is also used as a pad to control bleeding and also to support or immobilize an injured bone or joint.

Plaster of Paris Bandages

These are the most commonly used traditional cast material for immobilization of fractures, correction of deformitis etc. The plaster of Paris bandage is made from specially woven leno cloth which is uniformly impregnated with the finest quality of fast setting Plaster of Paris.

These bandages wet rapidly and evenly with no dry spots.

Conforming Bandages

As the name indicates, these bandages are highly stretchable and conforms to every curve and bump on the body. These conforming bandages are commonly used to support dressings on limbs or other body area.

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