Plastic Burettes and Funnels (Polypropylene)


Retort-StandRetort Stand


Burette-ClampBurette Clamp


Funnel HolderFunnel Holder


Separatory FunnelsSeparatory Funnels


Analytical FunnelsAnalytical Funnels

Burette (Polypropylene)Burette (Polypropylene)

Burettes are commonly used device in laboratories, particularly in analytical chemistry for dispensing of variable, measured volume of a chemical liquid and gas. These burettes, funnels and other supporting devices are manufactured by Polypropylene which makes it completely rust proof. In addition, plastic burettes and accessories are safe for handling in the laboratories.

The burette accessories like the burette clamp, burette retort stands are also moulded in polypropylene, making them completely corrosion free. The meticulously designed clamps and retort stands provides uninterrupted and easy observation of volume graduations from all angles. The flexible springs in the clamps allows for easy insertion and extraction of the burettes from the stand. It also makes sure the burette has a good grip and prevents it from slipping.

Burette, burette holders, burette clamps, burette washers and burette racks are available in stock and provided as custom configuration.

Plastic burettes are available in different capacities.

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