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An infrared thermometer, also called Digital Thermal Scanner or Laser Thermometers, consists of a lens, which focuses the infrared energy on to a detector, which in turn converts this energy into an electrical signal which is displayed in units of temperature after being compensated for ambient temperature variation

This technology allows temperature to be measured from a distance without contact with the source. And because of this no contact option, infrared thermometers are the most preferred thermometers used for COVID-19 pandemic or any other communicable infections.

There are various types of infrared thermometers available and each one of them are used for specific purposes. Pocket infrared thermometers are extremely compact and can be carried along easily. Also infrared thermometers are very useful in measuring the temperature of patients in a hospital without touching them.

Medihouseoffers a large array of high-quality infrared thermometers in various shapes and form factors.

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