Wheelchairs for Senior Citizens, Patients with Paralysis, Cerebral Palsy, Arthritis and Other Motor Neuron Diseases

Senior Citizens Wheelchair

Karma Fighter P Wheelchair

809 F12 Attendant Wheelchair

Lightweight Folding Transit Wheelchair

Karma Fighter 2C Wheelchair

Karma Fighter C F12 Wheelchair

Portable Transport Wheelchair

Ryder MS-1 Wheelchair

Foldable Children's Wheelchair

CP Wheelchair

Self Transporting Pediatric Wheelchair for Kids

Karma PC-1 Children Wheelchair

Wheelchairs for Special Needs - Electric, Manual, Foldable, Lightweight, Reclining

Wheelchairs give a lot of support and comfort to adults and children with disability or some physical injuries. It is used by senior citizens who have difficulty walking around without help. It is also commonly used by children with Cerebral Palsy or other special needs. There are various types of wheelchairs available. The manual wheelchairs can be propelled either by physically turning the rear wheel rims with hands by the person using it or it can be pushed by someone from behind. There are also electric (power) wheelchairs which are propelled with the help of batteries. These power wheelchairs are comparatively more expensive than the manual wheelchairs.

Wheelchair plays an important role in giving an independent life and dignity to people in need. It is a great aid to people who have difficulty with their mobility. It is commonly used by people who have motor neuron disease, arthritis, paralysis and variour neurodegenerative disorders.

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