Magnetic Stirrers



A Magnetic Stirrer or Magnetic Mixer is a commonly used device in the laboratories particularly chemistry and biology labs. Magnetic Stirrers are used to ensure that the liquid samples are homogenous in consistency and temperature. They consist of a rotating magnet or a stationery electromagnet that creates a rotating magnetic field which helps proper mixing allowing measuring instruments to achieve stable readings more quickly. The stir bar is the magnetic bar which is immersed in the liquid usually inside a glass jar, to provide the stirring action. In laboratory expirements, consistency and precision of results play a crucial role and the magnetic stirring instruments helps with that.

A magnetic mixer generally includes a hot plate which can be used for heating the liquid. The magnetic stirrer usually has a capacity of 4 liters or less and hence they are suitable for small experiments using non-viscous liquids. It is equally good for mixing solids or liquid samples to achieve a consistent liquid mixture. The magnetic stirrers are easy to handle, easy to clean, does not make noise, thus ideal for laboratory experiments involving small volumes.

The speed of rotation can be controlled in these magnetic stirrers. The speed can be adjusted according to the requirement of the medium being used for mixing.

Medihouse supplies a wide variety of high quality, safest Magnetic Stirrers including the multi-position magnetic stirrer. The multi-position magnetic stirrer allows many beakers to be stirred simultaneously.

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