Microcentrifuge Tubes

Microcentrifuge tube, clear, conical

Microcentrifuge tubes with locking snap caps

1.5ml Micro Centrifuge Tube

1.5 and 2ml Microcentrifuge tubes

Green Genome Micro Centrifuge Tubes, for Chemical Laboratory


1.5/1.7 ml Microcentrifuge tubes

* They are also available in packs of 500, 3000 etc

Microcentrifuge tubes, also known as 'Eppendorf Tubes', are important lab equipments commonly required in molecular biology, biochemical and other laboratories. Apart from that these micro-centrifuge tubes are used in blood banks, tissue culture, genomics etc. They are made from highest quality of virgin polypropylene plastic. They come with snap cap locks, which makes them leak proof and safe for preparing, storing and transferring samples. The tube allows for proper labelling. They can be used at -80 degree Celsius with various organic solvents. They are used for both sterile and non-sterile requirements. Microcentrifuge tubes are available in different capacities which can store a few microliter to 5-milliliter volumes of liquid.

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