Glass Beakers

Borosil Beakers - 500 ml

Borosil Beakers Tall Form – 800 ml

Borosilicate Beaker 400 ml tall form

Borosil Tall Glass Beaker Graduated 1060

Borosil 1000 ml Low form Beaker

Borosil 500 ml Low Form Beaker

Borosil 100 ml Low form Beaker

Borosilicate Beaker with graduation marks and spout, 100 ml

Borosil Beaker Tall form with spout – 1000 ml

Borosil Beaker Griffin Tall Form with spout – 500 ml

Borosilicate Beaker 100 ml Pyrex Glass

Borosilicate Beaker, Tall form with spout – 25 ml

Beakers are one of the commonly used multi-functionary equipment in the laboratories such as pharmaceutical, chemical and biological laboratories. They are generally cylindrical in shape. The various purposes for which beakers are used include storing liquids, calibration of liquids, crystallization reactions, chemical reactions, decantation, chromatography experiments etc

We have a wide range of beakers in various capacities. The glass wall of the beaker has a large labelling field which enables proper labelling and identification. Clear metric graduation marks help measure correct volume. The properly designed spout at the mouth of the beaker helps transfer liquid hassle free. The controlled wall thickness at sides, radius and bottom make them best for heating and use in research, education and industry.

These glass wares have high melting point, resistance to strong acids and alkalis, and thermal shock making them ideal for use in laboratories.

We have a wide range of glass wares from BOROSIL AND BOROSILICATE. For orders, call 9400630000


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