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Iron Cell Test Kit

Rapid Test Kits are very useful for doing a preliminary or emergency screening test. It provides immediate results and are useful in taking a decision or starting timely treatment. It is also of great use in medical facilities which has resource-limited settings.

The Rapid Test Kits have proved to be quite beneficial in primary care centres. These centres earlier had to go to diagnostic laboratories to get this test done.

These tests are quick and easy to perform and require minimal or no additional equipments.

Possible to store these in room temperatures for extended period of time.

Medihouse has a variety of Simple/Rapid Test kits ranging from
Rapid Visual Tests or Lateral Flow Assays, Rapid Malaria Cards, Dengue, pregnancy, Blood Group Test detection Cards, HIV, Hepatitis etc Test Kits. There are assay systems for Immunohaematology, Hematology, Rheumatology, Infectious Diseases, Hemostasis and Instrumentation.

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